Inspiration Quotes of Narendra Modi

"माना कि अंधेरा घना है,
लेकिन दीया जलाना कहॉं मना है!’’

This country has not been made by politicians, kings or governments. It has been made ...

Never blame anyone in life

“Never blame anyone in life,

Good people give happiness,

Bad people give experiences,

The worst people give a lesson,

Best people give memories.”

Never Get Discouraged When things Go

“Never Get Discouraged

When things Go Beyond Your Expectation,

Always Remember That

The Gretest Glory In Life Is Not Wining


Rising Every Time When You Fall.”

Best quotes about life in english

Life is not a music player to listen your favourite songs,It is a FM-Radio. You must adjust yourself to every frequency & enjoy whatever comes ...

Good Morning Inspiration Gujarati Quotes

વ્યક્તિ શુ છે એ મહત્વ નું નથી પણ એ વ્યક્તિમાં શુ છે એ બહુ મહત્વ નું છે.

⊱✧ ✶ ✧⊰

લાંબી જીભ અને લાંબો દોરો હંમેશા વધારે ...

Gujarati Inspiration Quotes

કેટલાક લોકો પાણીને ગાળી ને પીવે છે પણ, લોહી તો સીધું જ પીતા હોય છે

અહંકાર ની “પાઘડી” જયારે માથા પરથી ઉતરી જાય તો, મોટામાં મોટી ...

LIFE is short – break the RULES

“LIFE is short.

break the RULES, FORGIVE quickly, KISS slowly, LOVE truly, LAUGH uncontrollably,

and NEVER REGRET anything that made you SMILE.”

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